Full size van rentals: what you need to know

Many options abound for a full size van rental, whether you are looking to transport a group of people somewhere, haul furniture and other items, or you just need the extra cargo space. Most popular car rental companies provide this class of vehicle at varying price ranges. The cost will depend on how long you need the vehicle, how far you will be driving it and if you need to purchase insurance for it.

Companies offering full size van rentals

Many popular car rental companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, Avis and Budget provide vehicles in this class for rental. Rates for these major rental companies are pretty comparable however; you should still shop around for the best price. Different companies may also offer different incentives to customers such as unlimited mileage, free insurance or other promotions. The Budget company specializes in van and moving truck rental so you may be able to get a better rate from them as opposed to a company that primarily deals in cars and SUV’s.

Many other companies are offering access to car, truck and full size van rentals such as Expedia.com, traditionally a hotel and vacation booking service. You can usually get much better rates with these companies if you are also booking airline or hotel reservations with them. Of course, if you are not looking to travel it may be better to go with a more established company.

Cheap and budget options

If you are looking for bargain basement prices there are also options for you. A company called rent-a-wreck rents much older vehicles for a token price. If you are concerned about the quality of the van that you rent this may not be the best option, however, if price is your only concern, there are many locations around the nation that provide sub-par vehicles at low prices.

What you need to know about renters insurance

Some things to think about for your full size van rental are insurance and the package you end up purchasing. Most companies offer insurance with the vehicles they rent for an extra fee added onto the daily rental rate. You should not assume that your insurance company will cover any damages or medical costs in the event of an accident. Often this coverage is extra and not included in typical policies. If a rental company tells you that your insurance company should cover you, don’t take their word for it. Call your insurance company and find out for sure. You don’t want to find this information out after an accident has already occurred and you could be stuck with paying out a lot of money if your insurance company won’t cover the damage. Most car rental companies will only make you pay their deductible but even that could be in the thousands of dollars in some cases.

Your options

Pay close attention to the package you are booking your van. Knowing what you will be doing with the rental will largely determine what type of package to purchase. If you are taking a short trip and will only have the van for a limited amount of time, you probably won’t need to purchase features such as unlimited mileage or a GPS. If you are taking the van over a long distance or will have it for an extended period of time, these features will be invaluable.

When looking for a full size van rental, make sure you follow these basic tips for a successful, economical and safe rental experience. Know what your exact purpose and plan for the vehicle is. Be sure you are aware of what your insurance company will cover in the event of an accident. If they won’t cover anything, it is wise to purchase the rental company’s insurance. Always shop around; there are dozens of well known and less well known rental companies out there. If you are flying or staying in a hotel in addition to renting you may try one of the new companies that offer all of these services for a better rate. If you are staying in your own area, try a company that specializes in full size van rentals or other larger vehicles as this may be a cheaper option to companies that specialize in small to midsize vehicles.