Full Size Passenger Van Rentals

Whether you need a large vehicle to transport your little league team to the championship game or your church group to a conference, full size passenger van rentals make a great alternative to taking several smaller vehicles. There are a few different sized models to choose from with the most popular size being a fourteen seater passenger van. There are even local rental companies that specialize in large passenger vehicles to accommodate most any personal or professional situation.

Full size passenger van rentals can provide a viable solution when a temporary van is needed to complete those daily pick-up and drop-off routes for a school or day care facility. Many large corporations own a passenger van for transporting their employees to and from work. However, when one breaks down van rental companies provide corporations with a workable solution.

Shop for the best deals online as you are most likely to find the discounts and specials available. Most leasing or rental companies will give you a sizable discount if you complete your rental contract online, saving them the time and cost of completing the application in person. Another way to achieve a discount is to wait until an increase in gas prices occurs as often rental companies will lower their rental costs comparatively. This makes hiring a van a viable option for long distances trips.

Shopping for the best deal can be a little difficult when comparing locally owned rental companies versus national chain rentals. Some things to consider may include the fact that larger, well known companies can be of more help when you need emergency roadside assistance. Due to this available feature they can prevent you from having to spend your own personal funds to get back on the road. The locally owned companies may not be able to afford added features like this, and can leave you stranded for an extended period of time while they figure out their cheapest course of action.

As always when renting a full size passenger van or small bus, make sure you check out everything on the vehicle before signing the rental agreement and taking possession of the vehicle. If you see anything damaged, whether it is under the hood, the air conditioning if faulty or the body is scratched or dented, make sure that you have the damage noted or ask for another vehicle. Have the rental company check the tire pressure and do a visual inspection of the tires noting any apparent damage and the overall condition. If the tires have any blemishes on the sidewalls or the tread and look unfit for driving, then opt for another vehicle or find another rental company that maintain their vehicles with safety in mind.

Large Van Rentals

If you are planning a long distance holiday or camping trip with a family you may find that a standard SUV does not have the required room or equipment needed to make the trip pleasurable and stress free. Large van rentals exist exactly for this type of situation and with weekly or monthly rentals available why not investigate this option? A late model custom van rental can even double as a camping or sleeping alternative to save on accommodation costs. You can also rent vans with built in kitchen facilities that allow you to save on meal expenses also.

Late model vans house all the latest technology such as GPS mapping systems, pull down DVD Theaters, Bluetooth audio technology for mp3 players, and dual atmosphere controls for air conditioning and heating in front and rear. XM Satellite radio is usually included with customized large van rentals, so you don’t have to worry about reception when camping or holidaying in remote areas. An on board computer displays the fuel consumption, warning lights detailing engine problems and suggested preventative maintenance alerts so that you are not caught unaware.

Some sleeper van rentals will have an aftermarket roof extension installed for more room in the interior. This enables the traveling family to have more storage and entertainment options as the extra room created allows for a big screen TV to be installed. Game consoles are often a feature that come with any entertainment center and will entertain young and old on a long trip. Some vans even have captain’s chairs in the back that will rotate toward each other and include a portable table for meals.

Another cost saving option is to request a van with a diesel pusher motor, as these often get double the miles per gallon. You may even be able to hire an extended length van with a secondary fuel tank for those long drives across the desert in western states. This allows you more freedom as you can travel longer distances without stopping for gas. As you can see large van rentals may just be the solution for your next family driving holiday.